The Ultimate Summer Refresh: Simple tips to brighten up a dull living room

The Ultimate Summer Refresh: Simple tips to brighten up a dull living room



As the sun-kissed days of summer beckon, there is no better time to refresh your living space and infuse it with the vibrant spirit of summer. 


During this season, make sure to use lamps, light tips, or even colourful furniture to transform any dull room into a lively space that radiates warmth and positivity. 


Whether you want to elevate natural light or add bursts of colour, these simple yet effective tips will guide you in brightening your living room for the ultimate summer refresh. 



How to brighten up a home 



Light and furniture are two essential elements for mastering the art of brightening up your home. 


With either natural or artificial light, all spaces can easily be uplifted and energised due to the power lighting has to refresh your home. 


At the same time, using furniture in colours can significantly positively impact the overall environment and feeling a room gives. 


Strategically merging both elements makes it easier to create an inviting home that resembles the joyous essence of summer while ensuring it keeps fashionable. 



Brighten a dark room with accessories 



Maybe the easiest and most direct way of changing the light within your home is to use lamps and lanterns to increase it. 


While it might not be the solution for a living room that needs natural light, strategic lighting can easily create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. 


Floor lamps, table lamps, and lanterns contribute to the room's illumination while enhancing its overall aesthetic due to their design and brightness. 


The soft glow of lamps, such as the items in our collection, adds a touch of warmth to any space, making it a perfect setting for relaxation and gatherings. 


Gold Leopard Lamp with a Black Shade


Lighten up furniture with colour 



Colourful homeware is a different approach to brightening up your rooms without involving a direct light source. 


Infusing your home with the vibrant energy of bright cushions and throws is perfect for a touch of brightness. 


Additionally, furniture with a lively colour palette can create an airy and refreshing atmosphere due to its lighter shades and the shine they bring to any room.  


For example, incorporating an item from our Pink Decadence collection into your room is ideal for any room, adding a soft pink that enhances and brightens your home. 

Dusky Pink Darcy Velvet Shell Chair with Gold Legs


Artful wall décor refresh 



Wall art is the perfect solution for people looking to brighten up a dark home office, but perhaps they do not have room for other decorations or furniture. 


Given that these decorations will only take up room on your walls, consider it a space-efficient way of bringing a lighter essence to your work-from-home set-up. 


To help you decide which paintings to put on your walls, always consider that you should hang colourful and engaging artwork that mirrors summer vibrancy. 


Add artwork like our stunning blue and white heron print to your walls to transform any dull-looking home office into a lively room that increases productivity. 


Blue and White Heron Design Print in a Gold Frame


Ideas to revamp your space with fresh greenery 



Bringing a touch of nature indoors is ideal for rooms that need a more visually stunning item to elevate their brightness. 


The heavy presence of green leaves can help refresh your spaces with nature-like sights that can bring a relaxing atmosphere to your home. 


Faux plants like our artificial strelitzia plant or the lavender and onion grass are great options for a touch of natural beauty - without the high maintenance of real plants. 

Green Artificial Strelitzia Plant in a Black PotLavender and Onion Grass in a Brown Wooden Box


Capturing the brightness and shine of green, these faux plants come in any size to adapt to any room and offer their help all year round. 



Looking to brighten up your home’s rooms? 



Embrace these simple tips to liven up a dull living room, a dark kitchen, or any other space that needs bright touches. 


Always consider balancing out light and furniture while using colour and natural elements to create your dream spaces. 


Once you find the best way to use these tips in your favour, we ensure that your rooms will perfectly capture the lively essence of the warmest season. 


If you are ready to create an inviting room for summer, scroll through our newly released items for more inspiration, and you might even find what you have always wanted. 

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