A Summer of Love: Bohemian Décor for Your Home

A Summer of Love: Bohemian Décor for Your Home



When summer hits, temperatures start creeping up while the vibrant spirit of the year's warmest season starts refreshing our lives. 


This wild feeling of happiness, which reflects how we feel and act, can be seen in how we style ourselves and our homes throughout the season. 


From modern and forward-thinking designs to quirky house décor, we assure you this guide will direct you to the right products – or style ideas – needed to revamp your spaces. 


For a home with a relaxing and equally artistic essence ideal for the warmer months, take inspiration from our guide to three ways to incorporate bohemian home décor into your life. 



What is bohemian style? 



The unconventional and artistic lifestyles of the 19th century reflect bohemian décor by promoting individuality and self-expression. 


This style transcends boundaries and embraces cultural influences from around the world, resulting in an artistic mix of several looks that mirrors the harmony of nature's diversity. 


Bohemian style distinguishes itself from other trends because it presents an opportunity to show unique ideas through items that mirror the vibrant colours, patterns, and textures of the outside world. 


A bohemian home does not only shine through its decorations and styling but also in the way it allows you to paint the picture that best reflects your personality and your mood during summer. 



Avant Garde design 



Boho décor thrives on the idea that chaos can look aesthetically pleasing when your homeware blends to create beautiful images. 


Using styles and products with unconventional designs, the bohemian spirit of your home elevates as your homeware takes centre stage. 


Avant Garde designs, such as our emerald ottoman stools with a stunning gold base, offer a convenient storage space while adding beauty to your rooms. 


Other functional items like our large gold wall shelf help decorate your rooms with bohemian wall décor to show off your unique taste. 


Mixing modern and antique furniture 



An essence of bohemian décor is creating the perfect blend of modern and antique furniture that complement each other to create a unique space. 


This blending of ideas and styles creates a dynamic atmosphere around any room, ensuring your guests are as interested in your decorations as you are 


For example, mixing a pink velvet shell chair with a fluffy stool, two seemingly contradictory designs, work together to make your home as stylish as possible. 


Using elements that do not seem to work together, like modern and antique furniture, will be a unique way of telling your stories through fashionable homeware. 

Fluffy Footstool with Chrome Legs



Funky house décor 



For people who want to go a step further into unconventional styling, funky home décor is perfect for an additional touch of boho style. 


These items are easier to incorporate into your spaces, given their direct approach to bohemian décor due to their quirky and loud design. 


Incorporating bold decorations like our gold frame with a leopard design or a parrot ornament will enhance your home with a unique item that gives a different vibe to any room. 


Decorations like sculpted figurines or structures with original designs will bring their fun and quirky essence to transform any dull space into the utmost presentation of self-expression. 

4x6Black and Gold Parrot Bird Ornament on Stand


Making the most out of bohemian décor 



As you embark on the vibrating journey of incorporating boho décor into your homes, it is possible to get away from your original ideas. 


However, always consider that it is more than arranging furniture and who you are for an effective reflection of your essence on your homeware. 


To achieve the best looks possible, allow yourself to play around with the ideas we have put out across the style guide to find your place within bohemian décor. 


In any case, do not feel scared to take bold actions and express yourself with confidence to get the most out of this funky trend. 



Ready to liven up your homeware? 



From homeware with avant-garde design and funky home décor to using contrasting furniture, bohemian home décor can easily adapt to all homeowners’ unique needs. 


For more inspiration – or options to buy – browse our available newly listed items to start your boho décor collection or start styling your homeware with the best bohemian style tips. 

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