Summer entertaining made easy: 5 outdoor style tips

Summer entertaining made easy: 5 outdoor style tips


As we venture into the summer, temperatures increase while opportunities to enjoy the outdoors become more common. 


Even though we have had sometimes-gloomy temperatures over this year’s so-called warmest seasons, we assure you that you will not want to miss the spot if you get the chance to host an outdoor meal. 


From styling outdoor dining tableware to decorating the pool for your pets, our extensive list of tips will ensure you leave your guests impressed. 


To help you find inspiration and guide you through the warmer months of the year, here are the five best outdoor style tips we have put together for a beautiful summer party. 



1. Functional and stylish outdoor dining



Summer garden party decorations can be anything from flashy and extravagant details to more subtle but functional items to help with the number of people in your garden. 


Items equally as stylish as they are functional ensure you will get the most out of the products you buy thanks to their double function. 


Hamper baskets are ideal for a summer afternoon outdoor event that needs an extra storage solution while adding a rustic, natural feel to any garden. 


Another way of elevating your outdoor setting while maintaining functionality is to use stylish cushions like any of our three Moroccan-style woven cushions for additional comfortable places to rest on outside. 



Small Brown Hamper BasketTextured Woven Moroccan Style Cushion in Terracotta


2. Decorative lighting



For garden parties that go through the night and into a cooler summer atmosphere, using elegant lighting décor can elevate any late-night setting. 


Incorporating lanterns into your outdoor areas allows you to use dimmer lights to illuminate your parties without using bright lights, which can disturb people due to their stunning shine. 


Lanterns are ideal for lighting to set the mood of your outdoor gathering while bringing warmth and calmness to your garden. 


Whether you decide to use lanterns with complex designs or straight lines, both are equally as functional in taking your home’s outdoors to the next level due to their functionality and decorative nature. 


Large Detailed Gold Lantern34cm Matt Black Slatted Lantern with a Handle


3. Refreshing greenery and floral accents




Once the warmer weather starts to hit, you might feel an urge to completely change and revamp your outdoor spaces to suit the new season. 


However, an easier way to start incorporating the summer’s essence into your home might not necessarily happen through massive change, but instead through attention to detail. 


As outdoor hosting generally includes food, getting stylish dinner tableware is essential to take your home’s outdoors to the next level. 


For example, using our set of four nature-inspired dinner plates is a perfect but subtle addition to use your dinnerware to enhance any family or friend meeting with its green tones that resemble the blossoming nature during summer. 


Set of Four Emerald Green Eden Decal Dinner Plates



4. Entertaining bar cart



A hot afternoon with friends cannot miss having ice-cold beverages around to combat the heat of the year's warmest months. 


Make sure to offer your guests refreshing alternatives like cocktails, mocktails, or softer drinks for a successful summer party and to be the best host. 


To add a touch of luxury and convenience to your outdoor entertainment ideas, use a trolley with tasty beverages, cocktails & mocktails essentials, and stylish glassware to enhance the atmosphere. 


As well as drinks, you can add fresh fruits and herbs for a pop of colour and a refreshing twist to more common beverages. 


Art Deco Style Black Metal Drinks Trolley with Staggered Glass Shelves


5. Poolside paradise



If you are lucky to have a pool during the hottest summer days, do not shy away from decorating because you think sitting by the poolside enough. 


Adding stylish items to the setting around the pool can elevate a simple pool afternoon to a summer activity worthy of all parties. 


These pool ideas are great to ensure your poolside is always looking at the top level, opening opportunities for you to host all activities, ranging from barbecues to dog birthday parties.


Look out for faux plants or ornaments to enhance your pool area with fun and colourful items that add a playful element to your poolside.  


Ready for summer? 


Avoid getting surprised by hot weather days and spontaneous outdoor hosting by decorating your home outdoors with the help of our guide. 


For more specific information about which products could work best for you, click on the links across the blog to find out what could be your next purchase. 


If you are still looking for inspiration, check out our website while always keeping in mind that outdoor areas deserve the same attention to detail and decoration as other areas in the house. 

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