How to decorate your university room for a personalised space

How to decorate your university room for a personalised space

Looking for cool stuff for your university room? You’ve come to the right place. nto your very own space for the first time can be both wildly exciting and a little overwhelming. The possibilities are almost endless, which is why we’re here to deliver the ultimate university room inspiration.

Now, with that in mind, here’s for the fun stuff…

1. Invest in aesthetic comforters

When living in a student room, or student house, your bedroom turns into your own exclusive social space, so expect to have new friends hanging out in your university room. Dress your bed with a pillow and matching blanket, for the ultimate put-together look. Choose pillows and throws that are both comfortable and that show off your personal style.

We love this white fur throw that has a silken reverse, and with its white hue you’ll feel like Queen of the Snow. It’s hard to be homesick when you’re this comfortable. There’s a matching white fluffy cushion to go with it, we think they’re such an iconic classic.

White fur throw

2. Liven Up Those Walls

Adorning your walls with decorative art is nearly a student prerequisite. Having a tapestry or photographs of your friends at home is the standard student symbol. But if you want to take it up a level, how about some stunning framed wall art?

Heron Print Art Print

While the abstract watercolour painting is sure to add pops of colour and a sprinkle of glamour, this heron painting communicates a timeless, cultured elegance. Both will do the trick of adding that certain juniqueness to your room.


3. Add some extra lighting

Lighting is always the fastest route to making anything Instagram-worthy. You can get creative by playing with lights, from cute lightboxes to neon signs, adding light sources freshens up a room and creates ambiance. Lights are a subtle way to add a homely vibe to a dark, uninviting room. If you’re looking for warmth, decorative lighting is a wonderful way to make a student room cosier.

If a touch of regal opulence is needed, to remind you of the true queen of the wild you are, here’s your best bet, we love the high-contrast black and gold Art Deco vibe:


4. Opt for stylish hidden storage solutions

You’ll be surprised by the amount of stuff you’ll find yourself taking to university. And somehow, you’ll be expected to cram it all into your new dorm, but for a polished look, you’ll want things out of sight rather than all on show. A tidy-kept room is a calming room, and you’ll want this process to be quick and easy. After all, you’ll have better, more fun things to do...

Ottomans are having their interior design moment. With multiple brands hailing various shades of green Colour of the Year for 2022, you’ll be on-trend with this Kensington. More seating, more storage, and all style with this Green Kensington Velvet Storage Ottoman:

Green Ottoman

5. Set the scene with beguiling scents

Christen your new home with scents you’ll love. While the comforting, warm glow of a candle is off-limits according to standard tenancy agreements, reed diffusers offer up their scent day-long, so you can come home, and wake up to a scent that’s all yours.

Typically, reed diffusers are less toxic than candles as well, and they generally come in more decorative designs, giving your creativity more playing ground.

Here’s a reed diffuser we like for its opaque neutrality and signature branding, it can seamlessly slip into any interior atmosphere:


6. Add flora finishes

No student room is complete without a plant. While all your peers will be highlighting their cacti, opt for a level above with this graceful white orchid. Coming in a clear vase for pure elegance, this ornament will refine the tone of your room, rather than crowd the colour palette. This white orchid comes total hassle-free too, as it’s faux.


7. Enlarge the space with a mirror

Strategically placed mirrors are every interior designer’s secret to broadening bijou rooms. Circular mirrors have the bonus of turning this functional fixture into a modern decorative accent and helps balance the angular lines of other furniture pieces, such as beds and wardrobes. We particularly like this mirror, with its staggered frame, which adds an unexpected, edgy finish:

Round Mirror

8. Keep your loved ones in the frame

As Nate Berkus. famously said, “Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love,” With that in mind, we found two offerings for the perfect frame. One is a gold collage photo frame, so, you can hold a collection of human treasures in one item, the other is for a front and centre shot, with a spiral frame, so a certain special individual can take the main stage.

photoframe photoframe

We hope you’ve found enough university room décor ideas, here. If not, check our blog for more of our top tips and tricks. Don’t pressure yourself too much over your room decoration, after all, it’s your place, it only must suit you!


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